Cathenge Cat Temple 
Burning Man 2019
Cathenge honors the feline principle of life and consciousness.  This is a temple that celebrates cats, and the feline spirit as it is expressed in human nature.  Hearkening back to the tradition of cat goddess worship in Ancient Egypt, Cathenge seizes the zeitgeist of the worldwide cat craze and brings it to the heart of the Black Rock City with elegant and mystical interactive statues, an extraordinary holophonic surround-a-sound sculpture.

Behold! The Catolith!!!

Burning Man projects are masterpieces of collaborative inspiration.  Cathenge is a major project that requires the unique skills and talents of many individuals.  Join in the extraordinary adventure of bringing the first grand Cat Temple to Black Rock City.  This is an innovative, technologically advanced, and deeply spiritual project that allows many to combine forces and shine in feline splendor inspired human creativity.

Cathenge Cat Temple 2019 seeks

  • Builders

  • Electricians

  • Lighting Technicians

  • 3D Modelers

  • 3D Printing Specialists

  • Painters

  • Sculptors

  • Dancers

  • Musicians

  • Engineers

  • Camp Providers

  • Cat Priestesses

  • Cat Temple Guardians

  • Songwriters

  • Catherders