Catulet Pals

Fact: Catulets are one of a kind uniquely magical Cat Amulets that transmit and receive the sacred power of Holofelinity.
Cathenge Cat Temple 
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Donate to Cathenge Cat Temple and receive your unique Catulet!
When you purchase a Catulet you upload a photo (head shot) of your favorite feline and this is archivally encased in a glowing amulet to be enshrined in the Sanctum Sanctorum of Pussiopolis in the Dome of Holofelinity.  Each Catulet receives and transmits the sacred power of Holofelinity, allowing your cat to bless and evolve human consciousness, and also be enriched by this mystical power that built the pyramids.
The Catulet is at the very heart of the Cat Temple, an intrinsic part of Cathenge.  By purchasing a Catulet, you not only help build the Cat Temple, but you give to its spiritual and conceptual power.

Peatie WheatStraw


Description and History of Cat to be written by Cat and/or



QR Code for Catulet (corresponding to code on physical Catulet)

A Catulet is constructed from a photo of your favorite cat encased in plexiglas and glowing with LED light illumination.  This is a permanent Cat Temple memento, and first rate Playa Bling!  The battery lasts for more than two weeks, and is replaceable.  The Catulet is a very permanent sturdy item that you may wear around your neck for the rest of your life and celebrate your pet cat with style and pizzazz. 


Each Catulet has a unique QR Code that links it with an online profile where you can provide more details and stories about your cat, and also link to other Catulets worldwide through the Catulet Social Media network.

Your Catulet is your ticket to "Purrsday", the grand ritual Denouement of Cathenge when the Catulets are disbursed from Pussiopolis and awarded to the owners.  Purrsday is a ritual, a Purrformance, and an all night dance party - but you have to have a Catulet to join the fun!!