Fact: Cathenge Needs your support!!  This great vision needs lots of your love and support to be realized in its full glory. 
Cathenge Cat Temple 
Burning Man 2019
The Cat Temple is received an Honorarium Grant of $45,000. USD from the Burning Man Foundation.  This is a lot of money, and we are very, VERY grateful to receive it, however, it is Burning Man's policy to provide only partial funding for a project.  At best, this is half the money needed to fully finish this project.  So, we must appeal to the public for further support and that is the typical way with Burning Man art projects.
We are raising money through Crowdfunding through our Indiegogo Campaign.  We have some great perks:

YES!!!  It's really true!  You can get your very own "Purr-sonal Massager" when you support the Cat Temple!!!

Stimulate your Cat Chakras when you support Cathenge.


The Catulet is a key element of the Cat Temple.  Honoring your favorite felines, these magical amulets transmit the blessings of Holofelinity from your cat and unto your cat, AND are your ticket to the sacred Purrrsday celebration at Burning Man 2019.


Support the

Cat Temple!!


Inspiration and Challenge

Burning Man projects are nothing if not challenging.  From the beginning the Playa has called out to artists to manifest their most ambitious visions, and do so in a harsh and remote desert.  With Burning Man's support, David Normal has risen to these challenges repeatedly since 2000 and never once let the event down. 

Cathenge represents Normal's most ambitious undertaking yet, exceeding the grandiose "Crossroads of Curiosity" lightbox murals that graced the Man Pavillion in 2014.  


Cathenge is a technologically advanced project that utilized the latest technology in 3D printing to print the entire temple.  This is a large, complex and costly endeavor being done on a tight deadline.

The Cat Temple also inaugurates a social and spiritual edifice contributing a new dimension to Black Rock City.  While Burning Man has been graced with a Temple to honor the dead, Cathenge is a temple that honors love.  In the spirit of the Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet, the Cat Temple celebrates love and sensuality, and honors female sexuality.  The Cat Temple establishes an order of Cat Priestesses of Pussiopolis that is to be an ongoing spiritual sorority within Burning Man for years to come.  We, the creators of Cathenge, feel that these philosophical and metaphysical goals are an intrinsic element of the project as important as the physical construction of the Cat Temple, and are   most worthy of your support.

Let yourself be inspired by Cathenge!  Let that good feeling of excitement move you to great generosity!!

We are also soliciting larger private donations.  If you would like to be a patron of  Cathenge please contact the lead artist, David Normal to make arrangements.

The Wonders of Pussiopolis!

Gallery of visualizations of Cathenge Cat Temple