Destruction of the Utopian Cat Planet

big cat07.png

Collage by Julia Lillard

Cats had a wonderful existence filled with immortal pleasures of the most tantalizingly deliciously satisfying nature when they lived on their paradisaical cat planet free of all cares and full of humorous fun and games and limitless sensual creativity.  For example; what better way to enjoy a perfect day than to while away the hours pretending you are piece of sushi floating listlessly on placid waters before fanciful palaces of sugarcoated fantasy?



The decadence of the Lyran Cat Civilization is amply demonstrated in the above diagram that shows the many elaborate costumes donned by the cats in their elaborate role-playing charades.  Most insidious was the predilection for assuming the form of various foodstuffs, mostly unhealthy, such as hot dogs, pizza, ice cream and sushi.  The popularity of being food -  not merely eating it but being it, was a trend known as "Transcommodification" (which supplanted the earlier metaphysical ideal of "decommodification").  This penchant for metamorphosis developed into an addiction epidemic that ravaged feline society and precipitated the downfall of extraterrestrial cat civilization.

Trancommodification Addiction:
From Sushi to Pizza and No Way Back!!!

Enter The


Evil is subjective.  Pleasure of one species is suffering of another.  The Disco-Reptilians don't mean any harm, but it just so happens that they receive immense gratification by inflicting pain upon others, by engaging in wanton acts of senseless wholesale destruction, and in so doing they get down and boogie!  Theirs is serpentine dance of death that destroys planets and star systems. Rowdy marauding interstellar pirates devastating alien civilizations like drunken Masonic conventioneers trashing hotel discotheques after hours.