Origins of Holofelinity

Holofelinity is the emanation of the eternal value of the immortal and universal soul.  It is the source vibration from which all existence emanates in ecstatic joy.  Cats evolved purring as a method of matching the vibration of Holofelinity with their own unique physical expression.  The perfect purr could be measured by a mathematical formula known as the "Purr Value".  The Purr Value is lost technology, and the purring of our pet cats is just a vestige of the former grandeur of the mighty magnetic purring of the Lyrans as they expressed it vanished ages.

Did you know that Cats have Chakras too?
Lyrans developed the Chakra system of Holofelinity over aeons of spiritual evolution during which they  found ever higher and higher levels of spiritual  awareness. The Chakras were designed as calibration devices by which Cats could carefully tune their vibrations, their 'Purr-value", to Purrfection!!

The greatest pleasure in a Lyran's life came through their connection with the source of all life and consciousness which they felt in a uniquely and intrinsically feline way.  

The Lyrans developed an elaborate technology of vibration that they expressed preeminently through sound.  This capacity to manipulate time and space through sound waves was what the Lyran's called the "Purr-Value"

Legends of Ancient Lyra
Ulzimuth the Elder

The great Lyran patriarch who devised the nine principles of Cat Civilization and taught them to all felines through the power of Holofelinity.  He is the archetype of the noble and fierce Lion we know today as the "King of the Beasts"


Princess Miazeleba

One of the most seductive felines of all time, this cat goddess defined both sensuality and ferocity in her complex regal nature. The Egyptian goddesses, Bastet and Sekhmet echo the character of this remarkable heroine who though notorious for her scandalous romantic exploits, was also a shrewd military strategist who valiantly defeated the Reptilians in epic battles in the Wars of Transcommodification.


Max Hunter 

A time-traveling housecat from planet earth that landed on Avluran just as the Wars of Transcommodification broke out.  His tag had his owner's name on it, and filled with a longing to see that man again on Earth, Max was instrumental in leading the Lyran's to safety on Earth - although his calculation was off and they arrived during the ice age.  Oops!