Long ago in the constellation of Lyra there was a utopian cat planet known as "Avluran" that orbited the pole star Vega.
The Cat Lords lost their planet in a terrible battle with the Reptilians and found refuge upon Planet Earth.

The Lyran Cat Lords

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Collage by Julia Lillard



Shining in the Northern Sky, distant constellation of Lyra, symbolic of the harp, where the pole star Vega shines, is the ancient home of the great Cat Lords.  


Constellation of Lyra showing alignment with feline form of Holofeliinity, the Universal Cat Consciousness.

In this diagram one can clearly see how the star of Vega corresponds with the Pineal gland of the cat - the cat's third eye!

Psionic powers of the ancient Lyran Cat Lords allowed them to travel through space and time and to 'Transcommodify', to transform from one essence, from one idea to another.

It was this capacity for transformation that was their strength and their weakness.  Ultimately, cats in outer space became addicted to transforming into pizza, and this luscious cheesy indulgence made them prey to the Draco Reptilians.

Cat Civilization in Ancient Lyra was based around an idyllic home planet known as 'Avluron' which orbited Vega (one of the pole stars to our own planet earth).  Lyran Civilization was based entirely upon the principle of 'Holofelinity' (universal cat consciousness).  The Lyrans used their minds to control their experience of life and dreamed an ideal existence into being on their beautiful planet.


Ancient Lyran in Transcommodified Pizza State in Deep Space.

The greatest pleasure in a Lyran's life came through their connection with the source of all life and consciousness which they felt in a uniquely and intrinsically feline way.  

The Lyrans developed an elaborate technology of vibration that they expressed preeminently through sound.  This capacity to manipulate time and space through sound waves was what the Lyran's called the "Purr-Value"