Fact: Cathenge is a Love Temple.  Embodying the Ancient Spirit of the Egyptian Cat Goddess, "Bastet", Cathenge is a Sanctuary of Sacred Sensuality.
Cathenge Cat Temple 
Burning Man 2019
The Order of Cat Priestesses of Pussiopolis is a pride of feline goddesses incarnate in human flesh.  These beautiful women embody not only a celebration of divine sexuality, but encompass powers of inspiration and healing.  Here is an order of muses in the Grecian sense that create intimate rituals of art and pleasure that uplift and inspire.
Cat Priestesses undergo spiritual training that allows them to manifest their ultimate and ideal selves.  Through initiation into the Mysteries of Holofelinity and alignment of the Cat Chakras, The Priestesses of Pussiopolis empower others to realize themselves and experience the best in life.

Cat Priestesses

of Pussiopolis


Saya Olivia Hayashi - Cat Priestess of Pussiopolis

Saya is a professional GODDESS.  A globe trotting dancer and healer, who embodies the spirit of "Holofelinity" through her beauty, sensuality, compassion and wisdom.


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