Behold Cathenge

Cathenge is a Cat Temple.


Think tall, elegant, mystical cat statues, standing in a circle like the standing stones of Stonehenge. Glowing and pulsing with light, and purring in resonant harmonic frequencies, beaming lasers from their eyes, these are the "Catoliths" that emanate the Universal Cat Consciousness, "Holofelinity". Made of translucent plastic and standing 13' tall, The Catoliths evolve human consciousness to a higher more intuitive and feline state of awareness; the state of Holofelinity.


Cathenge Cat Temple 
Burning Man 2019
Cathenge honors the feline principle of life and consciousness.  This is a temple that celebrates cats, and the feline spirit as it is expressed in human nature.  Hearkening back to the tradition of cat goddess worship in Ancient Egypt, Cathenge seizes the zeitgeist of the worldwide cat craze and brings it to the heart of the Black Rock City with elegant and mystical statues created with the latest technology in 3D printing and an extraordinary holophonic surround-a-sound sculpture.

Catolith Prototype, 5' Tall, in the Studio of Cathenge Creator, David Normal.  This statue was 3D printed in parts using transparent PETG and assembled around a spine of interactive LED lights.  Interactive purring using Infra-Red Fields sensing was created by Theremin Barney.


The Catolith is an interactive sound, light and laser sculpture.  Standing 13' tall, these mystical cat statues radiate the power of Holofelinity.  Each Catolith is tuned to a note on the Solfeggio Scale of nine healing tones.  The purr of the Catoliths is modulated interactively through touch yielding deeply resonant harmonies.  All nine cat statues form a surround-a-sound holophonic sound system created by Mobius Acoustics.  Visitors to Cathenge may explore the unique vibrations not only through sound but through light - the Catoliths light up with Kitty Kundalini manifesting the power of their Cat Chakras.